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Asset Info Service


This service is designed to store and provide a list of crypto and fiat currencies.

Lists of assets are provided to the client and Rate Info service. Address Info service provides data to add new assets as they are discovered.

Basic Concepts and Terms


The service supports the following types of assets:

  • Fiat currencies (Fiat);
  • Coins (Coin - main blockchains cryptocurrencies supported by the service);
  • ERC-20 tokens (Erc20Token - cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum and Ethereum-like blockchains, defined by the contract address);
  • Stellar assets (StellarAsset) - cryptocurrencies based on the Stellar blockchain, determined by the address of the issuer of this asset and the asset code

For a detailed fields' description and examples, see the Data Models: Asset section.

Also, all assets contain additional metadata:

  • Name;
  • Ticker;
  • Link to SVG icon;
  • Number of decimal places (decimals).