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Welcome to Spatium SDK Documentation

What is Spatium?

Spatium is a Wallet-as-a-Service platform that offers businesses a comprehensive toolkit to develop crypto wallets for their end-users. It stands out as a one-stop solution that replaces several vendors and third-party providers in the wallet building process. Through seamless integration, comprehensive cloud infrastructure, and customizable UI, Spatium simplifies the wallet development process, ultimately enhancing the end-user experience by offering secure and versatile wallet solutions. Spatium results in a wallet, which businesses could present to their end-users.

What does Spatium do?

With Spatium the business can launch a crypto wallet as a new standalone app or integrate crypto functionality into existing one. It covers all the aspects of wallet development:

Spatium SDK - covers all the aspects of wallet management. Through multi-party computation combined with zero-knowledge proofs Spatium offers keyless wallet infrastructure.

Spatium Cloud - Spatium all-in-one cloud infrastructure provides businesses with easy access to nodes, on-chain data analysis, crypto-to-fiat rates, and blockchain fee estimations through a reliable API, streamlining the development process.